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  • Minechem

    So I started playing the Space Astronomy mod pack and found a new mod called Minechem.

    At firat i did not really know what it could possibly do and pretty much ignored it.

    At one point I got curious about this odd mod and eecided to learn a little about.

    The first thing i discivered was that you can make diamonds from charcoal with it.

    That is pretty nice as diamonds can always be used for something. It is a little expensive as you need to feed it quite a few stacks to get one diamond. Oh, and by default you can not make normal diamonds this way however most recipes accept black or industrial diamonds.

    The next thing I discivered was that you can decompose a log and use the cellulose to make paper. No more sugar farm!

    Basically I just need a treefarm and i have diamonds and paper for the rest of the game.