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Journey in Business Intelligence

And so I have started the journey from my old job in safety and is stepping into business intelligence.

The first step seemed simple.
Just attach the adventure works database.

The method described by Microsoft to attach the database to the server seems to require the log file to be available. the problem is that the log file is not a part of the downoad. Not a big problem, the instructions tell you that you need to remove the log file from the attach process in order to make it work.

Turns out that it does not work. SSMS needs the log file and refuses to attach adventure works without it if you follow the instructions.

Fortunately this can be easily done thorugh SQL.

I found a description on how here: https://blog.sqlauthority.com/2010/04/26/sql-server-attach-mdf-file-without-ldf-file-in-database/

Using the first method described it worked the first time without problems.