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Automating Mekanism

I have taken a liking to the logistics pipes as they are quite versatile and able to connect to just about anything.

I did face a problem with the metallurgic infuser from Mekanism though. It uses two inputs and one output for a total of three sides. With logistics pipes you only have the option of a single satelite pipe for an additional input. The craftong pipe then serves as the other input as well ad the output. While this does not pose a problem in most machines, the metallurgic infuser was being stubborn.

Stubborn until I figured out what a sneaky upgrade was.

With the sneaky upgrade you can tell the crafting pipe which side it should insert to. Combined with a satelite pipe it is now possible to insert from two sides and extract the finished product from a third side.

The best thing is that the sneaky upgrade goes into the crafting pipe and does not need a pipe on the side it is inserting into.