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I finished my Master's exam in 97 and sailed for some years as a deck officer on tankers before I switched to the office side of the company.
Here I am working with safety, security and environmental matters and procedures.

The work also includes investigating accidents for internal purposes. That lead to a course as lead investigator from Taproot.

Another facet of my work is internal audits. These are conducted in accordance with the ISM and ISPS code and ISO 14001 standard.
As such I have been trained as a lead auditor for ISM systems.
If you don't know what the ISM code it is pretty similar to the ISO 9001 standard except it is specific to shipping compaines and required by law.
For the ISPS code, the similar course is called a company security officer and was also required to be completed.
When we implemented ISO 14001 we considered the other auditor training sufficient and the principles were similar.

While I have been working in the office, I have completed a Master in Environmental Management.
While this is the official title, in reality the studies involved both environmental and work environmental tools and problems.

2010-10-01 19:52:27

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